Applications of the Overlap Composite AlCunnect

There are different upcoming markets of the clad material AlCunnect due to the multitude of possible applications.


AlCunnect is the Ideal Cell Connector for Lithium-Ion Batteries

Aluminium Kupfer Batterie-Zellverbinder

The overlap clad metal of aluminium and copper is used as the current carrier in the connection of individual lithium-ion cells to a battery system.

The goal of connecting these batteries is to achieve an optimal power transfer. The bimetal AlCunnect is the ideal cell connector due to the combination of its materials, since lithium-ion batteries have an anode made of copper and cathode made of aluminium.



Scope of Application: Electric and Hybrid Vehicles




AlCunnect as a Solution for Wiring Accessories

Alukabel Ɯberlappverbund

Today more and more aluminium cables are used for power transmission. Aluminium is relatively soft and tends to “flow” under mechanical stress, so that screws or crimp connections can loosen over time. Thus a reliable transition between the copper and the aluminium world is in order. The overlapping clad metal AlCunnect can be used as plug connectors or cable lugs to join an aluminium wiring harness to copper in the automotive sector.


Scope of Application: Automotive, Indoor Installations





AlCunnect Application for Electromagnetic Coils Made of Aluminium

Aluminium Kupfer Elektromagnet

The aluminium-copper metal composite AlCunnect is suitable whenever electromagnetic coils made of aluminium are used. Today numerous copper windings are already being replaced by aluminium due to the cost benefits and weight reduction in new product developments. Electromagnetic coils are used for example in transformers, relays, electric motors, generators and electromagnets.



Scope of Application: Transformers, Relays, Electric Motors, Generators, Electromagnets




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