Comparison of AlCunnect and Cupal


Cupal (Manufacturer: VSW Hetzel e.K.) is a composite material made of aluminium and copper, which is plated over the entire surface. Even though AlCunnect and Cupal are bimetals, there are some differences. DODUCO can produce layer thicknesses of up to 0.4” (10mm) for AlCunnect. However, the layer thickness of Cupal is only offered between 0.02” – 0.08” (0.5-2mm). Likewise aluminium copper thickness ratios of Cupal are 30:70 or 20:80. Comparatively AlCunnect’s thickness ratios are individually selectable. In addition to the manufacturing process of overlay plating DODUCO has the know-how of overlap plating of the metals aluminium and copper. The overlap plated clad metal AlCunnect offers further application possibilities for the material combination.


  AlCunnect Cupal

Total thickness

Up to 0.4“ (10mm)

0.02 – 0.08“ (0.5–2mm)

Aluminium copper ratio

Different combinations possible

30:70 or 20:80

Manufacturing technology

Overlap and Overlay Plating

Overlay Plating


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