Comparison of Aluminium and Copper


When comparing aluminium and copper with each other, there are a number of differences. Fundamentally the comparison is done by assuming copper as the basis and then creating comparative figures with aluminium.

The first comparison here between aluminium and copper considers both metals having equal cross-sections. In this case density, price and conductance are considered. The results for the same cross-section comparison show that aluminium is cheaper and is only about one-tenth the price of copper. Comparatively, aluminium has a lower density and is characterized by a remarkable conductance.


Comparison identical cross section


When comparing a piece aluminium and copper, which both contain the same conductance, the required cross-section of the aluminium is greater in order to achieve the identical conductivity of the copper. Also there is a significant difference in weight. Aluminium’s weight is only half of the copper’s. Moreover aluminium remains very reasonably priced in comparison to copper in spite of its larger cross-section.


Comparison Aluminium Copper identical conductance




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