Corrosion Protection for the Metal Composite AlCunnect


If copper and aluminium are in close proximity to each other, just a little bit of moisture can be enough to set a corrosion process in motion. Specifically for such circumstances DODUCO has already developed methods for corrosion protection. There are two different possibilities, the inorganic and organic coating processes to protect AlCunnect against the environmental influences.




Organic Corrosion Protection

Coating with an isolating lacquer is one possible method for corrosion protection of bimetal AlCunnect. The specifically developed lacquer can be applied fully or selectively in a continuous reel-to-reel plating process onto the clad material AlCunnect. The short curing time and wide temperature range for applications are special features for this type of corrosion protection.

Inorganic Corrosion Protection

Electroplating is a further method used to counter corrosion. In this process the aluminium-copper metal composite is fully or selectively plated on a reel-to-reel plating line. For the inorganic corrosion protection tin has proved to be effective.



The electroplated and isolating coatings have been qualified in cooperation with leading suppliers of the automotive industry by DIN salt spray tests.



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