Variant 1 - The Overlap Composite


In the so-called overlap composite AlCunnect is composed of copper- and aluminium-strips joined together.


The overlapped plated strip material can be produced with a total maximum width of 4.7” (120mm) and a thickness of up to 0.08” (2mm). At the same time the width of the overlapping section of aluminium and copper strips is approximately 0.2” (5mm). The width ratio of the aluminium and copper strips is individually selectable. The overlap composite is available in coil form.




AlCunnect - Overlap Composite

Total width

Up to approx. 4.72“ (120mm)


Up to approx. 0.08“ (2mm)

Width of overlap zone

Approx. 0.2” (5mm)

Width ratio Al/Cu

Different combinations possible



Applications for the Overlap Composite AlCunnect


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